Why doesn’t my sister have varicose veins?

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We know that varicose veins have a high genetic predisposition.

Therefore, if your mother, father, even grandparents had varicose veins, then there is a  high possibility you may get it too. It’s almost 90% if both parents had it, regardless of sex.

Unfortunately, it can be quite annoying if you are the only one amongst your siblings that do end up with varicose veins. 

Now the predisposition is definitely higher in women, potentially due to it being triggered by pregnancy and hormonal changes, so that gives your brother a break, but what about sisters?

The reality is that we just do not know. There have been some studies that tried to observe relatives and families being treated and found there were more relatives that had varicose veins within a family getting treated, but it does not answer our question.

Could it be missing an entire family generation and affecting the next? Until there are more studies we won’t actually know. 

We may have to settle that you may be the favourite sister in the family, despite the veins!

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