“Why are my Legs so Itchy?”

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"Why are my Legs so Itchy?"

Varicose veins happen to be a cause for itchiness of your legs, but there are also other causes and they are important to note.

Firstly, if you have no physical signs of venous disease clinically or on the ultrasound then varicose veins are not causing your itching.

Here are 5 common causes of leg itchiness and not in any order:

  1. Eczema – Itchy patches mostly found in creases like behind the knee but can be found in other areas of the legs
  2. Psoriasis – Patients who have this often get diagnosed early
  3. Dry skin – Can be seen by flaking when you take your socks off
  4. Dermatitis – Irritation of skin due to contact with some products or even food
  5. Restless legs

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