When Should You Worry About Your Varicose Veins?

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Dr Gan dives into the topic of when should you be worried about your varicose veins?

While often viewed as merely a cosmetic concern, there are certain signs and symptoms that indicate a deeper, more concerning health risk. 

Symptoms that can cause issues along the way include:

  • Heaviness and aching – Not bad enough to worry you initially but will worsen over time.

  • Itchiness over the legs

  • Colour changes

  • Bleeding when you knock your varicose veins

  • Ulcers or wounds on the leg

Many people put up with the first three above and only seek treatment when it starts bleeding and wounds form.

The truth is, when you reach that stage, it is more complicated to treat and the changes to your legs can be permanent.

It is best to start treatment once varicose veins are noticed and are causing symptoms. The difference in recovery and results can be staggering if treated early on.

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