What is restless legs syndrome?

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Do you wake in the night with pain in your legs? Do you feel a pulling sensation?

If you have ever had annoying legs at night that wakes you up, then there is a high likelihood you have restless legs syndrome.

As anything that ends with a syndrome, the cause is not fully understood, but there are some associations including varicose veins, pregnancy, peripheral neuropathy and even some medications.

When you lay in bed, you may find a throbbing, pulling or creeping pain in your legs. You need to literally shake it off (thanks Taylor Swift!) in order to feel better.

To help improve restless legs syndrome, many people try taking magnesium, but lifestyle changes, like regular exercise, avoiding alcohol or even avoiding coffee before bed as well as good nutrition and sleep go a long way. 

If you also have varicose veins this can be linked so treating your varicose veins is a great option, however it does not guarantee an end to restless legs. 


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