What is causing my facial veins?

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What is causing my facial veins?

If you struggle with facial veins or broken capillaries, I got you covered:

The causes:

  1. Hormonal changes – Particularly oestrogen can give sudden flare ups
  2. Increasing age – Loses elasticity
  3. Runs in families
  4. Sun Damage
  5. Excessive Alcohol Consumption
  6. Rosacea – Causes flushing of skin
  7. Other medical conditions – Liver disease, autoimmune conditions

What you can do:

  1. Care for your skin – Moisturize and sun protection
  2. Treat any medical causes
  3. Topical antibiotics can help with rosacea
  4. Laser treatment
  5. Radiofrequency
  6. Sclerotherapy

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