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Vein Glue (Cyanoacrylate)

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What is Glue Treatment?

For many years, glue or cyanoacrylate had been used for treating abnormal vessels in the brain and liver. It’s also a popular alternative for sealing together cuts on faces and other body areas. Recently, glue has been adopted for varicose vein closures. Special “super glues” have been designed specifically for treating varicose veins. Intensive testing proved they are very effective and extremely safe for abnormal vein treatments.

How does it work? Very simple: when the glue meets the vein wall, it immediately causes it to come together and seal the atypical vein, which slowly disappears over time. In Australia there are a few different glues available, for instance Venaseal and Venablock. Both are available as a catheter-guided option and Venablock can be injected directly under ultrasound guidance.

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Ideal treatment for:

Varicose Veins:

If you suffer from varicose veins you are not alone, with more than 30% of Australians living with prominent, enlarged and often incredibly painful veins. Coloured blue, green or purple, varicose veins can cause swelling, cramps, itchiness and heaviness in the legs.Varicose vein sufferers often go for years without wearing shorts and skirts and dread wearing bathers in summer.

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How is the Glue Treatment performed?

We efficiently access the targeted vein via ultrasound guidance. Next, we catheterize it with a special glue that is injected right into the vein through a small needle. Under slight pressure, we ensure the vein walls come together. Last but not least, we double-check the closure of the vein with a duplex ultrasound.

This procedure has many benefits such as: it only requires a small amount of local anaesthetic, it’s a “walk-in, walk out” procedure. Yes, no hospital stay and no general anaesthetic needed. It’s very well tolerated by most patients. Plus, you can instantly get back to your daily routine due to minimal to no downtime.

Frequently asked questions

When the glue is injected into a vein, it releases heat, similar to getting “super glue” on your fingers as a child. This causes a small burning sensation that does not last longer than 10 seconds. This is generally very tolerable and most people do not feel anything.
Patients get straight up after we apply special stockings and they’re free to leave. When glue treatments are performed together with other procedures, we encourage patients to walk daily for at least 30 to 45 minutes. This prevents the risk of any complications. Anyway, by the next day, tops, it’s life as usual.
Studies to date show extremely good results, based on 95% to 99% closure of treated veins. This impressive success rate adds to the extra benefit of significantly reduced complications and very little to zero downtime, which makes is a great alternative for clinically appropriate cases.
You might experience burning sensation and inflammation of the vein 1 week or a few months after treatment. You can treat any slight discomfort with anti-inflammatories. Hard lumps on deep pressure in some areas where the glue has been injected. This is uncommon for deeper veins and more common for superficial veins.

This is one of the safest medical procedures for treating varicose veins. There’s almost no risk of skin or nerve injury and the glue sets in immediately, binding the veins. No stitches or bandages needed. For extra care, we perform a duplex ultrasound at the end.

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