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Vein Glue (Cyanoacrylate)

What is Glue Treatment?

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Varicose Veins:

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How is the Glue Treatment performed?

Frequently asked questions

When the glue is injected into a vein, it releases heat, similar to getting “super glue” on your fingers as a child. This causes a small burning sensation that does not last longer than 10 seconds. This is generally very tolerable and most people do not feel anything.
Patients get straight up after we apply special stockings and they’re free to leave. When glue treatments are performed together with other procedures, we encourage patients to walk daily for at least 30 to 45 minutes. This prevents the risk of any complications. Anyway, by the next day, tops, it’s life as usual.
Studies to date show extremely good results, based on 95% to 99% closure of treated veins. This impressive success rate adds to the extra benefit of significantly reduced complications and very little to zero downtime, which makes is a great alternative for clinically appropriate cases.
You might experience burning sensation and inflammation of the vein 1 week or a few months after treatment. You can treat any slight discomfort with anti-inflammatories. Hard lumps on deep pressure in some areas where the glue has been injected. This is uncommon for deeper veins and more common for superficial veins.

This is one of the safest medical procedures for treating varicose veins. There’s almost no risk of skin or nerve injury and the glue sets in immediately, binding the veins. No stitches or bandages needed. For extra care, we perform a duplex ultrasound at the end.

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