Yes, varicose veins affect men too!

There is a myth that varicose veins conditions only affect women. Nothing further from the truth! Did you know that about 20 to 30% of men suffer from varicose veins? The unfortunate reality is that most have significant vein disease before ever seeing a doctor about it.

Vein Treatments for Men

When it comes to varicose veins, most men live by the motto: “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?” They may, indeed, have varicose veins for years with little or no symptoms. However, as the condition worsens, the warning signs worsen as well. Yet many men put up with it, until they develop complications of severe pain, bleeding or even ulcers.

For many, they may only see someone about it when it affects their work or lifestyle. The only exception is when their significant other wants them to get rid of the unsightly veins and notices they are suffering in silence. Well, not anymore!

Treating your VEINS doesn’t make you VAIN, but HEALTHY!

You deserve to love your legs

Another dangerous stigma linked to varicose veins and treatments is making you come across as being vain. Due to this, some men who have no symptoms but are burdened with the look of big swollen veins that distort the skin avoid treatment. With the latest state-of-the-art non-surgical procedures and the lifestyles we afford these days, there is absolutely no reason for not getting your legs treated, especially if you are suffering. Never let varicose veins hold you back! Common symptoms include:
  • Itching
  • Swelling of the legs
  • Wounds that do not heal
  • Heaviness and pain in the legs
  • Skin changes – the skin gets darker or even thicker
  • Instant bleeding when accidentally hitting your leg on something.

Walk in walk out treatments

In the past, the fear was always time away from work for an extended period after treatment or surgery, slow recovery, or vein recurrence. Fortunately, at Doctor Vein, we understand that work and your lifestyle are extremely important, therefore our treatments involve very little, to no downtime. You can get back to work the next day. Moreover, there’s no general anaesthesia nor hospital stay as we carry out all the procedures on-the-day.

Treating problem veins couldnt get easier!

Our vein therapy process is both hassle free AND pain free. During the Initial Consultation we’ll use an ultrasound to identify the internal condition of your veins. We’ll thoroughly explain our findings and together we will schedule your treatment at the earliest available appointment.

Let’s solve all your vein problems right now. Enjoy the confidence boost of knowing that your legs look good on the outside AND are in great, healthy shape on the inside.

Frequently asked Questions

Say good-bye to ugly veins!  We’re the clinic Melbourne, Frankston and the Peninsula trusts for efficient vein treatments. Men, it’s time to love your legs again.

Sick of keeping your pants and socks on? Doctor Vein can help you!

Vein treatments are not just for women.

Hey, I'm Dr Ganesha Param and I offer a full range of non invasive, surgery free treatments to remove varicose veins & spider veins.

If you are unsure if your symptoms are caused by chronic venous disease including varicose veins, spider veins or any associated signs, book a consult with me and I’ll  be able to guide you to through.