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Direct Vision Sclerotherapy

What is Direct Vision Sclerotherapy?

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How is the Direct Vision Sclerotherapy  performed?

Frequently asked questions

The short answer is NO. The only discomfort you might feel during the procedure is some slight itchiness and stinging when first injected. For your peace of mind, the liquid sclerosant we use also works as an anaesthetic that reduces any pain. The targeted injections are not made with regular needles, but with micro needles that are incredibly tiny and very well tolerated by most people. You’ll be surprised by how little discomfort there is, we promise.
Most patients who get direct vision sclerotherapy can be treated and go straight back to work or to their daily routine. Try to refrain from heavy exercise, aerobic, high-impact workout, running or weight lifting for the first 5 days after sclerotherapy. We recommend daily walks of 30 to 45 minutes after treatment as well as wearing medical compression stockings during that period.
Most patients generally need at least 3 treatments of sclerotherapy. Some patients have multiple spider veins scattered everywhere and, in that case, more treatments may be needed. Also, some cases may need a combination of different procedures with sclerotherapy just being one of them. Dr Param will explain everything during the initial consultation.

Treatment of spider and smaller green veins using sclerotherapy is the most effective. Even after the first few weeks after treatment, you will notice substantial changes in the appearance of varicose and spider veins. The final results will be visible in 3 to 6 months post treatment.

Once we inject the sclerosant solution into a vein, it redirects the blood flow through the nearest blood vessels, allowing the targeted vein to collapse and heal with time.

Possible side effects

This usually happens within the first few days after treatment. It may last for up to 3 weeks after but slowly fades on its own. No treatment is required.
This occurs because of the dead blood inside the vein coming to the surface of the skin. It looks like a brownish patch where the vein was situated previously. It fades with time and does not persist past 12 months. Removal of trapped blood reduces this from occurring but does not prevent it.
Small, tiny spider veins around areas of spider veins already treated. They usually settle on their own, but are often driven by hormonal factors. They may be treated with sclerotherapy once they become bigger in size, if not settled on their own.

These are lumps felt in areas where the varicose veins were. They are often tender to touch but slowly decrease in size on their own or when removed with a needle.

  • Hormonal Influences especially in women
  • Circulatory problems
  • Genetics – yes, spider veins tend to run in the family.
  • Childbearing
  • Lifestyle: sitting or standing for long periods, being overweight.

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