Swelling In The Legs After Flying

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Experiencing swelling in your legs after flying? When should you be concerned? 

Dr Gan’s latest video tackles a critical topic: Swelling in your legs after a long haul flight.

Experiencing swelling in your legs after a long haul flight is common if you’ve been sitting in a fixed position for over 6 hours, due to gravity fluid can retain in your legs, ankles and feet.

The question is when should you be worried about the swelling and seek medical advice?:

1️⃣ One Leg Doubles in Size: If one leg suddenly swells up, seek health advice immediately.

2️⃣ The leg/calf is red or tender to touch: Any pain in your leg or calf is a signal to consult a doctor.

3️⃣ Sudden Shortness of Breath: Even without leg pain, sudden shortness of breath requires urgent medical attention.

Remember wearing compression stockings on your flight can help reduce the risk of developing an asymptomatic DVT.

For the full details watch this important video by Dr Gan. 

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