Losing hair on your legs

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Losing hair on your legs may actually be a good thing if that is how you roll and that is your preference. But when do you need to worry about it, especially if it is new.

  1. As you age, there can be a reduction in hormones whether it be oestrogen and progesterone. These hormones play a role in regulating hair growth. As they reduce, so can your hair.

  2. Reduction in blood flow in the region – The commonest cause for this is usually a condition called peripheral arterial disease. This is often linked to those who smoke or who have diabetes.

  3. Genetics – This is an obvious one. If you had less hair when you were young and your parents are the same, then the likelihood you are going to have Chewbaccas legs are very low.

  4. Other Medical Conditions – Autoimmune conditions, thyroid problems.

  5. Medication – Chemotherapy is the commonest thought of which is temporary mostly.

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