Improving Circulation

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Improving Circulation

Your lower limb from your hip downwards is a very important functional and physiological part of your body.

Blood from your arteries carrying oxygen and nutrients is pumped from your heart down to your legs. Veins then carry blood that has utilised the oxygen and waste products are pumped back to the heart to be cleansed.

This process has to occur against gravity and the pressures associated with it, making it more challenging than the upper limbs.

Many people with varicose veins experience what they believe is poor circulation due to the heaviness and aching in their legs.

How can you improve it?

  1. If they are related to varicose veins – You need to treat the veins. These are abnormal veins and they cause congestion and pooling of blood.
  2. Exercise to keep your weight down and more importantly to activate your calf muscles help pump blood back to the heart efficiently.
  3. For some being cold can reduce circulation in the legs. They often have a condition called Raynauds whereby the fingers and toes go blue. Wearing warm gloves and stockings can help for this
  4. Hydration with water can always improve the blood flowing through your blood stream
  5. Massages can improve circulation as well as loosen very tight muscles that may not be activating because of reduced usage
  6. Diet rich in colourful vegetables (Variety is the key) as well as omega 3 fatty acids, acting as a lubricant for your heart and a natural blood thinner

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