“I Thought Losing Weight was a Good Thing…”

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"I Thought Losing Weight was a Good Thing..."

“I thought losing weight was a good thing”.

A statement I hear far too often, when my patients start to look at their legs and notice unsightly bulging veins.

So how does this happen?

The truth is, they were already there. Oftentimes if you are overweight and carry it in your legs, the varicose veins are compacted within the “extra” padding (To choose a better word). Almost like compression stockings holding it all together.

The moment you lose weight, the veins then pop out and become more visible, which warrants the complaints on why is this happening when your body is starting to look its best.

It is important to know that it is not uncommon to still have symptoms if you were overweight like heaviness, aching or even itching despite not physically seeing varicose veins on your legs. This goes back to the fact that they are sometimes hidden but still there.


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