I have Varicose Veins, but do not have Symptoms?

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I have Varicose Veins, but have no Symptoms?

If you have varicose veins that are visible and have no symptoms at all, you are not alone.

Varicose veins are like stretchy balloons. For some they can stretch and elongate easily before the pressure becomes high and more branches come off. For others it can only stretch a little before the pressure becomes too high and branches that pop out of the skin come off.

This changing pressures within the veins can cause symptoms. When it stretches or gets bigger, there can be heaviness or aching. For others when the pressure has been taken off by the branches coming off, this dissipates any symptoms and those with it feel they have no symptoms at all.

Unfortunately when left for a long time, you will eventually either develop symptoms or signs, such as itchiness, swelling, skin changes and even pain.

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