How quickly can my veins on my legs worsen?

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How quickly can my veins on my legs worsen?

If you have varicose veins and are not bothered by it both by symptoms or how it looks. You may then be thinking what if you leave it? How long will it take to worsen and you start to develop signs like bleeding or ulcers.

There was a study that was done that looked at over 1500 patients that had varicose veins. They were then followed up, not all but 880 of them 13 years later.

The results essentially showed that almost 98% of those that already had veins and symptoms worsened in that time period. If they only had varicose veins but no symptoms, close to 31% then developed symptoms or signs.

Unfortunately it is challenging to predict who will worsen quicker than another person. I wish I had a crystal ball but I will mention this.

The younger it starts, the higher the likelihood it will worsen over 3 to 10 years. Age plays a huge role in deterioration.

Also, it is often easier to treat with quicker recovery times when it is managed earlier rather then when complications have set in.


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