Do varicose veins cause toe nail changes?

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Can I have nail changes if I have varicose veins?

The commonest cause of nail changes especially discolouration and thickening is called onychomycosis or in a simpler form a fungal infection.

It is quite prevalent in older patients but can also be seen in younger patients.

There is a correlation with patients that have chronic venous disease or varicose veins and fungal toe infections. Some studies have shown that over 80% of patients with varicose veins may have some form of toe nail deformity. 75% of those patients in this study specifically had a toe nail fungal infection.

Treating the toe nails for fungal infection without treating the venous issue or varicose veins resulted in poor outcomes. Meaning the toe nails never completed healed.

We need to do more studies to see if treating the varicose veins before treating the fungal nail infections would yield better results. The issue is that venous disease can sometimes cause permanent changes in the nails, so it can be a challenge to treat the nails.

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