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Cutting your stockings

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If you have ever had to wear compression stockings, whether you fly or after a procedure, you will understand why some people really dislike wearing them.


It does not surprise me when I see someone who has actually cut their stockings because it was causing too much pressure on their legs.


The commonest areas they cut is around the ankles, removing the foot section or around the top, essentially converting a full length stocking to a below knee variant.


As much as I can see the rationale, unfortunately when you do cut your stockings, especially medical grade compression stockings, you end up changing the dynamics of the pressure and wrecking the point of wearing them.

In most compression stockings, the highest pressure is in the calf region to the ankles. Cutting them below, can cause them to either drop pressure or even cause a lot of pressure around the ankles causing discomfort.

Therefore before you cut them, have a chat with your provider about other options.


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