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Covid 19 Update

At Doctor Vein, we are a Medical clinic, that takes infection control very seriously. We have established clinical procedures and protocols in place to prevent the spread of infection.

Our added Protocols and Infection Control

  • Patients are screened before coming to the clinic as well as when they arrive
  • All patients get their temperatures checked on arrival and use the hand sanitizers provided
  • If patients are not feeling well or around a close family member that is not well, we have instructed them not to attend their appointment
  • Any staff members not feeling well, are not permitted into the clinic until they are screened for Covid-19
  • We have created gaps in between patient appointments, as best we can, to avoid overlap of patients
  • Family members are instructed to wait in their cars
  • Our staff all wear mask and currently all patients are instructed to wear mask as well
  • Our door handles, all surfaces as well as any contact surfaces are all disinfected in between patients

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