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Ideal for larger veins close to the surface of the skin, a phlebectomy is a minor surgical procedure where varicose veins are removed using small incisions.
EVLA is the most advanced treatment for varicose veins and boasts an almost 100% success rate. It uses laser energy and ultrasound to seal your veins from the inside, encouraging them to shrink as your body heals.
Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy supports the targeted treatment of the entire unwanted vein, not just the section visible through your skin. This approach allows the root cause of varicose veins to be targeted.
Vein glue sees medical “superglue” and ultrasound used to seal off damaged and abnormal veins. Cyanoacrylate is safe, causes minimal discomfort and results in little downtime.
Especially effective for spider veins, sclerotherapy sees a solution injected directly into affected veins which then harden and are absorbed by the body. Tiny needles are used to minimise scarring of the treatment area.
There is a myth that varicose veins conditions only affect women. Nothing further from the truth! Did you know that about 20 to 30% of men suffer from varicose veins?

Frequently asked Questions

The initial consultation will take 45 mins to 1 hour. During this time a screening duplex ultrasound will be conducted to show the internal condition of your veins. Dr Param will review your medical history and physically examine the affected area/s. He will devise a bespoke treatment plan based on your condition. You will also receive a breakdown of all treatment costs, including all available Medicare rebates. You will know what to expect from the treatment and have all your questions answered during this consult.

The initial consultation costs $300, in which you will receive $158 back from Medicare. This means you will be out of pocket $142 for the initial consultation.

This depends on the type of treatment you need and how many treatments are needed based on your vein condition. Varicose vein treatment start from $790, however we are unable to quote a price until you have had an initial consultation with Dr Param. Every patient will have individual requirements.

Our vein treatments can not be claimed on private health insurance as they are performed in our clinic and not at a private hospital. Dr Param’s methods do not require general anaesthetic and seek to keep healthy people out of the hospital.

Of course, your significant other is welcome to sit in with you during all our treatments, however the pain is generally minimal and will not be as scary as you imagine.

Patients report some discomfort during treatments but not normally pain. General anaesthetic is not required at all.

This depends on the different treatments and on the individuals current Medicare threshold. Once you receive your treatment plan you will be informed of the Medicare rebates that you are eligible for.

Dr Param will thoroughly explain the post treatment process to you, which yes will likely include wearing fitted compression stocking to support blood circulation for a period of time.

Yes, we can treat you, Dr Param often sees patients who may have been treated years ago in hospital and have seen their vein condition return. Our treatments do not require general anaesthetic or hospital stays but provide long term excellent results.

Varicose veins can be caused by a number of factors:

  • Genetics – vein disease often runs in families. There is a high chance if your parents suffered from varicose veins you will develop the condition.
  • Hormonal changes – such as a rise in progesterone can impact on your body causing valve changes in your veins. This is why women often develop varicose veins during pregnancy.
  • Ageing – as we age our veins age with us. Over time the valves and walls weaken and varicose veins are more likely to develop after the age of 40.
  • Your occupation – jobs that involve sitting or standing all day can increase pressure in the legs which can lead to varicose veins.
  • Weight – being overweight or obese is a risk factor for developing varicose veins. Increased body weight can compress the veins, which increases the pressure and strains the walls and valves.
  • Trauma – significant impact to the legs can damage veins causing varicose veins.

Varicose veins are commonly found on the legs but you can get them on other parts of the body including arms and groin area.

Pregnancy often exacerbates current varicose veins or can be the cause of new varicose veins. You can not undergo treatment when you are pregnant, however there are things you can do to help you manage the condition such as wearing medical grade compression stockings (fitted by a professional). This video explains all about varicose veins during pregnancy and recommends the best time to have your treatment.

Yes, Dr Param will ask you to return for a review after your treatment. He will seek to review you annually to ensure the ongoing success of your treatment.

Treatments take between 30mins to 2 hours depending on the treatment type. Check out our treatments pages for more detailed information.

Treatment Process

Initial Consultation

Dr. Param will thoroughly go through your questionnaire and ask you any further questions to ensure the best treatment plan.

Vein Scan

Clinical examination and screening with duplex ultrasound to identify deeper sources causing your vein problems.

Treatment Begins

Dr. Param creates a personalised treatment plan to ensure the best results, with appropriate time and reviews.

Hey, I'm Dr Ganesha Param and I offer a full range of non invasive, surgery free treatments to remove varicose veins & spider veins.