Facial Veins

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Looking for the most effective way to eliminate unsightly facial veins & red spots? Doctor Vein offers PERMANENT Facial Vein Removal and Reduction. By using the latest Laser technologies and Sclerotherapy injections, we safely remove vascular veins and skin imperfections. Get the clear skin you want once and for all!

Our Expertise

Dr Param treats Facial Vessels, Broken Capillaries, Rosacea and Red Patches.

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All facial treatments are relatively painless, safe and with instant results.

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We ensure you feel comfortable from the moment you arrive. Easy booking process.

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About Facial Veins

Broken blood vessels or broken capillaries are commonly found around the face. They lie just below the surface of the skin. They look like blotchy red spots around the nose, cheeks, and chin. Sometimes they can appear as spider veins similar to those on your legs. Although they’re not dangerous, they cause the reddening of the face, which can be unattractive.

Doctor Vein can instantly remove unwanted red and blue veins around your face and chest with our ultra-precise and medical grade laser technology. Laser Facial Vein Removal and Sclerotherapy are the fastest and most effective way of eradicating vascular veins, perfect for reducing visible imperfections and improving the appearance of your skin.

At Doctor Vein, we’re delighted to use the award-winning Excel V laser system. This is the most powerful vascular laser technology, recognised as the gold standard worldwide for all vascular lesions, always providing excellent and fully-proven clinical results.


Discover our minimally invasive treatment options

A highly-specialised medical grade laser targets, breaks, then permanently eliminates all abnormal vessels immediately. The laser light is absorbed by the vessels, sealing the vein, without harming the surrounding tissue.
Especially effective for spider veins, sclerotherapy sees a solution injected directly into affected veins which then harden and are absorbed by the body. Tiny needles are used to minimise scarring of the treatment area.

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Treatment Process

Say “Goodbye” to your vein condition AND say “Hello” to Doctor Vein. Our non-surgical vein procedures reveal smoother, pristine skin.

Initial Consultation

Dr. Param will thoroughly go through your medical history and ask you related factors in regards to your condition

Clinical Examination

Clinical examination and photography will be done during the first visit. This is followed by detailed explanation of treatment

Treatment Begins

Dr. Param creates a personalised treatment plan to ensure the best results, with appropriate time and reviews.

Hey, I'm Dr Ganesha Param and I offer a full range of non invasive, surgery free treatments to remove varicose veins & spider veins.

If you are unsure if your symptoms are caused by chronic venous disease including varicose veins, spider veins or any associated signs, book a consult with me and I’ll  be able to guide you to through.