Can Varicose Veins Return After Treatment?

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Can Varicose Veins Return After Treatment?

Can varicose veins return after treatment?

This is a loaded question as there are many variables, which includes:

  1. What type of treatment was performed? – Surgical vs non surgical? Surgical has a higher risk of returning – Up to 50% 
  2. Body weight? – Overweight vs regular weight
  3. Number of pregnancies – More vs less increases risk
  4. Age when varicose veins started – Earlier age increases risk
  5. Strong family history – Which usually leads to varicose veins at an earlier age

For simplicity, the newer treatments that include ablation techniques have an almost 100% efficacy rate when compared to other techniques including surgery. A mixture of treatments is often needed to get the best outcomes. Being heavier always increases risk of more abnormal veins being formed as well as increased number of pregnancies.

If you develop varicose veins from an earlier age, there is an increased risk of more veins breaking down in your lifetime. These are sometimes not the same veins that are treated but new veins that have become abnormal due to genetic predisposition and abnormal valves or shape of the vein.

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