Can Spider Veins be Prevented?

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Can Spider Veins be Prevented ?

Spider veins are those ugly veins that may come in the form of bluish or green threads on the skin of your legs or face. When they are in a bunch they can look like a cluster or bruise.

The commonest cause is genetic which includes certain skin types especially fair skin but being overweight, hormonal drivers, smoking and also superficial trauma can be causes.

The predominant age group is around 30 to 50 when it first develops or is noticed, with women being 4 times more likely than men. They tend to worsen with age.

So can they be prevented? No… At least for now.

There have been creams that have been sold to attempt to reduce them, but what tends to happen is that the creams cause them to constrict making them a little less visible but they are still there. Over time, they worsen and the creams are unable to hide them anymore.

There is some evidence that wearing compression stockings after treatment can help but in my experience, patients dislike the stockings especially in the hotter months.

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