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Can my varicose veins clot

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Can my varicose veins clot?

Is it a fatty lump or is it Varicose veins?

There are many of my patients who absolutely despise the look of their legs. Considering the number of legs I see every day, I can basically say that most people have amazing legs and are just too hard on themselves.

That aside, sometimes the gripe they have with their legs are areas around their knee’s that swell and appear lumpy. When they already have varicose veins, they sometimes feel it may be their veins causing these lumps.

The only issue, is once the veins are treated, they continue to have that swelling or lump or even sometimes feel it is more exaggerated.

This lump they feel or see, is actually a fatty lump or lipoma that is often seen in that region and sometimes can be associated with a condition known as lipoedema. A topic I have spoken about in the past, so check out my other videos.

It is often very stubborn and sometimes even challenging to get rid of with exercise and diet alone. It can be genetically predisposed and may have always been there but can accentuate with trauma, age and weight gain. Surgical removal or liposuction are options once they become quite large, but for most people they are harmless and can be left alone.

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