Can exercise worsen my varicose veins?

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Can exercise worsen my varicose veins?

Exercise is amazing and you should not stop it.

There are 3 scenarios when it comes to exercise and varicose veins

  • One you already have them and you are wondering – Will you make them worse. The answer is no, but you may notice them to be more obvious and may also have some aching or heaviness at the end of the workout.
  • Second – You have started noticing some veins and are wondering, will they get worse if you exercise. Again the answer is no to worsening them, but as above – Prominence and maybe symptoms
  • Finally you have no veins but are concerned because you may have a family history of parents or siblings with varicose veins. Again the risk is there but exercising if anything is not going to worsen it.

My advise, prioritise exercise. Do not let other reasons including could they worsen your veins affect your exercise regimen.

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