Bad Circulation

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Bad Circulation


If you feel you have poor or bad
circulation, it is important to distinguish between what is serious and what is

  • The
    commonest symptom is either your lower limbs or upper limbs getting cold
    often or even changing colour.
  • This is often related to a condition called Raynaud’s.
  • In this condition, your fingers, toes, and
    even lips can become blue or purple in colour when you are exposed to the
  • It is more common in women but can also affect


It is important to note that arteries
circulate the body with nutrients and oxygen, while veins remove carbon dioxide
and by-products and take them back to the heart to be cleansed again.

  • When
    circulation is affected, it is often the arteries that are the concern as
    they become narrowed and stop functioning well.
  • This leads to them not perfusing both the
    upper and lower extremities.

  • Symptoms
    suggestive of an arterial problem include numbness, pain when walking,
    weakness, loss of hair, and coolness of the affected area.

  • Risk
    factors like smoking, increasing age, high blood pressure, diabetes, and
    being overweight are definite risk factors.

If you are not sure, always get it

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