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Are Larger Varicose Veins More Painful to Treat?

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Are Larger Varicose Veins more Painful to Treat?

It is not uncommon that some of my patients with larger varicose veins are concerned about pain and treatments. 

Generally speaking most treatments are done under local anaesthetic except for smaller treatments for spider veins and ultrasound guided treatments. As a result pain is not an issue. There can sometimes be stinging or even pressure but is often very well tolerated, even by those that are needle phobic or very nervous.

The challenge that I advise most patients is that the bigger your veins are the longer the recovery post treatment.

As with most things, the bigger they are and longer they have been there, you can expect it to take at least a month or two to completely recover. If you only notice it a few years ago, versus having it for 20 to 30 years long can make the difference on how long it takes before aching and sore areas settle.

With that being said, everyone is different and the ones I expect to feel more discomfort after treatment are fine.

If you are worried about pain, this should give you an idea. The take home is do not wait too long to get it treated as it generally worsens and gets more inflamed with time.

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